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When voices from below are heard: the case of a Swiss online food-delivery platform

Chapter 9.

Cianferoni, Nicola, Luca Perrig, and Jean-Michel Bonvin. 2022. ‘When Voices from below Are Heard: The Case of a Swiss Online Food-Delivery Platform’. in Missing voice? worker voice and social dialogue in the platform economy, The future of work and employment series, edited by A. Wilkinson, T. Dundon, P. K. Mowbray, and S. Brooks. Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Presentation of the book by the editor

This timely book addresses the key debates and challenges surrounding the future of work, covering the macro, meso and micro levels of gig work. It provides a consideration of the ways in which technology is shaping the lives of those working in the gig and digital platform economy within the 21st century.

Written by leading experts in their respective fields, chapters cover a range of global issues concerning not only technology but the social relationships of gig work, management by algorithm, and how to regulate individual and collective voice in the remote gig economy. Utilising leading research and case studies from companies such as Uber and Deliveroo, the book considers what governments and the law can do to shape a better future for the worker voices and employment conditions of atypical and non-standard workers which, in turn, can help to better impact society.

Missing Voice? will be a key resource for scholars and students researching employment conditions, worker and human rights, employment, and labour relations in the fields of business and human resource management, industrial relations and sociology. It will also be of interest to policy-makers, trade unions and think tanks who are interested in labour market changes and issues of worker voice and management practice in the gig economy more broadly.

Edited by Adrian Wilkinson, Professor of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, Griffith University, Australia and University of Sheffield, UK, Tony Dundon, Professor of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, University of Limerick, Ireland and the Work and Equalities Institute, University of Manchester, UK, Paula K.Mowbray, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Griffith University, Australia and Sarah Brooks, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, University of Sheffield, UK

Contributors: Alan Bogg, Jean-Michel Bonvin, Sarah Brooks, Nicola Cianferoni, Tony Dundon, Markus Ellmer, Thomas Gegenhuber, Debra Howcroft, Anne Keegan, Vili Lehdonvirta, Stefania Marino, Nick Martindale, Miguel Martínez Lucio, Jeroen Meijerink, Paula K. Mowbray, Stephen Mustchin, Luca Perrig, Elke Schüßler, Holly Smith, Jim Stanford, Andrew Stewart, Laura Thäter, Adrian Wilkinson, Alex J. Wood

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