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    Quality of employement in Europe. Legal and Normative Perspectives

    Borelli, Silvia / Vielle, Pascale (Eds.). Quality of Employment in Europe. Legal and Normative Perspectives. Series: “Work & Society”. Vol. 74. Bruxelles, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt-am-Main, New York, Oxford, Wien. Peter Lang. 2012. 289 pp.

    Book synopsis

    Since 2001, ‘quality of employment’ has been at the core of the political, academic and practical agenda, and has fed a wide-ranging debate. For the first time, a scientific work takes stock of the legal and normative understanding of quality of employment in Europe. In order to develop an interdisciplinary dialogue, the book underlines the importance of law in the debate on quality of employment and suggests how European concepts and tools might be adapted to enrich scientific reflection by employing a rigorous legal approach. To this end, the authors analyse the relevance of the concept of quality of employment in international, European and comparative law, examining a range of topics such as collective and labour rights, social security, non-discrimination and equality at work. Lastly, the authors examine the topic from the ‘Capabilities’ perspective, proposing concrete and realistic paths for maintaining the European concept of quality of employment and European social Law in the framework of the ILO Decent Work Agenda.


    Pascale Vielle & Silvia Borelli: Introduction. Legal and Normative Perspectives on Quality of Employment in Europe

    Pascal Caillaud, Dalila Ghailani & Ramón Peña-Casas: Conceptual and Legal Framework for Quality of Work and Employment in International Institutions. The European Union and the International Labour Organisation

    Jérôme Deumer: Reconciling «Quality of Employment» with the Principles of «Flexicurity»

    Pascal Caillaud: The Social Teaching of the Catholic Church and Quality of Work

    Silvia Borelli: The Concept of Employee and Quality of Employment

    Silvia Borelli: Job Quality in Atypical Forms of Employment. Reality or Utopia?

    Filip Dorssemont: The Freedom of Association and the Effective Right to Collective Bargaining in EU Labour Law, as a Lever for Better and Decent Jobs

    Elise Dermine: Suitable Employment and Job of Quality

    Pascal Caillaud: The Legal Status of the «Offer of Employment». A French Concept of Suitable Employment?

    Laura Carlson: Family Friendly Employment as Quality of Employment

    Christine Canazza: Quality of Employment within the Active Ageing Strategy

    Antonio L. García-Izquierdo & Pedro J. Ramos-Villagrasa: Equality Employment Opportunity Legislation in Europe. Organisational Barriers and the Organisational Justice Framework for the Promotion of Women at Work

    Jean-Michel Bonvin, Nicola Cianferoni & Frédéric Widmer: Promoting Quality of Employment in the European Union and Beyond. The Necessary Contribution of Law.

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