Press Stands

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Discussion around my book on mass distribution by answering questions from listeners, Radio Television Switzerland (RTS), live in the show Line of Heart, 25.10.2019.

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«The Organizzazione del lavoro è dannosa per i salariati? Risultati di un'inchiesta alla Posta svizzera, Solidarietà, 14.1.2010.

Public debates

"Why does capital want us to work more?", Lecture organized by the Student Circle La brèche, University of Geneva, 10.10.2019.

"Let's work less to live better: why is it essential to reduce working time?", Public debate organized by the voter set Together on the Left, Lausanne, 19.9.2019.

Animation of a debate organized by the association Métro-work-Kino following the film "The killing of work. Disposition "at the Cinelux in Geneva on February 24, 2015.