Union Training

"Digitisation between continuity and rupture", training Day political challenges and perspectives of the trade union movement organized by MOVENDO for the Swiss trade Union (USS), Yverdon, May 16, 2018 (with Aris Martinelli). "What responses to the industrial time Crisis?" Reflection on the work ' Always and everywhere ', working and living online, MOVENDO Training Day organised by the Swiss Trade Union (USS), Fribourg, 30 June 2015. "What responses to the industrial time Crisis?", lecture given in the framework of the French-speaking training of the union employee Suisse, Lausanne, 8 May 2013. "The management of absences as leverage to increase the competitiveness of a public enterprise", the place of hierarchical relationships in suffering at work. The example of the public sector, university and Union symposium organized by SUD-Education, Paris, 25-26 October 2012.