Scientific Congress

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"The gig economy and its challenges for social partners and social dialogue," The Future of Work, semi-plenary session at the Swiss Congress for Sociology, University of Neuchâtel, 10 September 2019 (with Luca Perrig).

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"A Case Study on Fragmentations and Solidarities in the Gig Economy:
How a Gig Workers Mobilization Shaped an Online Food-Delivery Platform"?, Fragmentations and Solidarities, International Labour Process Conference (ILPC), 37th edition, Wien, 24-26 April 2016 (with Jean-Michel Bonvin and Luca Perrig).

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When the modernization is accompanied by suffering in the staff. The case of Swiss Post ', Modernisation of public enterprises and sociology, Centre Maurice Halbwachs (CNRS-EHESS-ENS-U. Caen), Paris, 4 April 2011.